Good Health, Naturally and Sustainably.


Updated: 12th June 2023

At Nordic Wellness Drinks, we are “Inspired by Nature”.  From the start we have pledged to consider the impact and consequences of everything we do; from the insects that surround our Fermentary, to our energy sources, to how and where we source products and how we manage waste and treat our partners and employees.

Admittedly, it is sometimes challenging to balance restricted funds today against trying to protect the future for our children and earth of tomorrow. As a young company, our policies and practices are still evolving. However, our gut feeling is, it is the right thing to do.

Nordic bears the Viking rune symbol for “Good Health” and this guides us in all that we do.

In 2022, we were nominated for two CREST sustainability awards and won the award for Going Circular. You can read more about these awards here .


We have used recyclable glass bottles, that can be recycled in your bottle bin. The labels are easy to remove with natural glue used to affix to the bottle. We have chosen screw cap bottles so the bottle itself can be reused.


We have worked hard to source eco packaging that is both re-useable and compostable. This is a challenge as our drinks need to be kept chilled at all times. We use reusable, returnable, sustainable natural fibre insulation with reusable freezing packs and compostable cardboard. The brown tape around our boxes are also compostable tape.



We have partnered with UPS for their own exceptionally high eco -credentials.


We have committed to consider the footprint that our Fermentary has on the environment. We have kept it as small and compact as we can and equipped it with machinery /equipment from similar minded companies.

All the ingredients used in the production of Nordic Water Kefir are organically produced and we actively seek local producers, where they are available.

Our production method is small batch as we believe this is low impact to the environment.



We work with a number of organisations, retailers, wholesalers, suppliers and of course our own in house team. We try hard to find organic sources for our ingredients, more local where possible.

We actively look for partners that have a similar mindset to us, believing this is a way we can all impact the future.


We try to do business in the most flexible and considerate way. Giving a fair price for goods and services but also looking for more sustainable ways of working (via Zoom and Skype, where feasible).

Working remotely and flexible where this makes sense. All our files and processes are held electronically and we do not print hard copies of any documentation unless absolutely necessary.


All by products of our process, have been given consideration. The pulp from the berries is dehydrated and used as a food source. All cardboard is re-used for the No Dig vegetable beds on the small farm where Surrey Hills Fermentary is based.


We plan to move to renewable energy as soon as we can. However, this is not likely to occur until we expand to a larger, purpose built Fermentary. We will also be exploring investment in a stock replenishment system to optimise deliveries and minimise road use.

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