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English Aronia Berry (100%) Cold Pressed Juice: Case of Eight, 330ml bottles

English Aronia Berry (100%) Cold Pressed Juice: Case of Eight, 330ml bottles

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Aronia is an exceptional berry, due to its extremely high levels of antioxidants. Four to five times higher than blueberries, according to the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) scale. Known to benefit the cardiovascular system, whilst also said to be anti-carcinogenic, Aronia has certainly earned its title as a super berry. Please do your own research into this amazing berry.  Get your health shots of wellness with our Aronia drinks that are...

  • 100% Pure Aronia Juice (Latin Name : Aronia Melanocarpa)
  • Not from concentrate
  • From UK Grown and cold pressed Aronia berries
  • 330ml Glass Bottle, Screw cap.
  • May contain sediment.
  • Pasteurised
  • Dairy and gluten free
  • Suitable for Vegans

How to Drink/Consume:

We suggest a daily shot of 50-100ml. This is a “strong” juice.
It may be diluted, blended, or sweetened to taste.
This juice may also be added to desserts, sweets, ice cream, yoghurt and alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks.
Drink daily for Good Health Naturally and Sustainably

General Information:

Grown, hand pressed, bottled and pasteurised by a great British Famer, Andrew Tickle in Kent.
Distributed by Nordic Wellness Drinks Ltd, Surrey Hill’s Fermentary, Barcroft Egg Farm, Barhatch Road, Cranleigh, Surrey, GU6 7DJ
Once opened, keep in fridge 2°C to + 5°C and use within 7 days.
Drink 50-100ml in a daily shot for good health.
For Best Before Date, see bottle. Once opened, consume within 7 days.

Ingredients and Nutritional information:

100% Aronia Juice.
Not from concentrate.

Organically Produced. 

Nutritional Information (per 100ml): 

  • KJ 311
    Kcal 73
    Carbohydrates 18.2g
    Of which sugars 8.2g
    Fibre 0.5g
    Protein 0.21g
    Fat 0.1g
    Sodium 0.02g
    Vitamin C 0.58mg

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