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Water Kefir: Mixed Case of 12, 250ml bottles

Water Kefir: Mixed Case of 12, 250ml bottles

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All our drinks are 100% natural, low in sugar, unpasteurised, dairy and gluten free. Suitable for Vegans.

Mixed Case will contain a minimum of 3 different flavours from our selection of:
- Aronia
- Ginger
- Sea Buckthorn
- Elderflower
- Nordic Wild Berries (Bilberries and Lingonberries)

Nordic Water Kefir is a refreshing, fermented drink with natural bubbles and a delicious tangy taste. Our water kefir is bursting with live cultures that support a healthy gut, active digestion and give a natural boost to your immune system and a feeling of wellbeing, making it a superb tonic for the tummy! These drinks also have great benefits for heart health and blood pressure.

Nordic bears the Viking Rune Symbol meaning “for Good Health”. This is at the heart of everything we brew. 

We focus on health and taste. All our drinks are made with our own Water Kefir and then enhanced with super healthy berries, botanicals or spices, to give them an extra health kick. We are Inspired by Nature and our Nordic roots, so typically use berries that are traditionally hand foraged in the Nordic countries.

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